SOC Sunday: Christmas Portraits and Momma’s 12 Days


Okay, we took our three lovely cherubs (see above) for Christmas portraits. My son, Matthew, on the left, is a spirited 22 months old. The twins turned 9 months yesterday.

I envisioned this beautiful experience, Matthew sitting in the middle, hugging either twin, amidst a snowy background.

What I got was each twin trying to crawl away and my son tearing up the studio. Literally. The studio (at a large chain store) was putting up its holiday decorations, and Matthew spotted the box, tore into it, and spread out the contents everywhere. Everywhere.

When we first got there, the lady said to him, “Oh! You’re so cute! I just want to take you home!” Well, by the end, she said, “I really thought I wanted to take him home.”

I’m not going to go through the laundry list of things my son touched and/or destroyed, but we got pictures. So that was good. I still, to this day, have only been able to get all 3 into a picture once. Once.

Someday I will? Maybe? I am seriously considering finding a private family photographer, because the whole corporate photo studio thing puts me off a bit. Also, I feel if the babies spent more time with someone and they developed a rapport, portraits would be much easier. My husband’s family is all on the West Coast, and mine here on the East Coast, so I really like to have great pictures to send them, and I’m not sure a corporate outfit suits our needs right now.

Also, I am SO THRILLED about my 12 Days of Christmas. I am having guest posters writing holiday posts for the 12 days before Christmas, and have a few great prizes as well, so I’m really excited.

I do, however, feel like we’re skipping right over Thanksgiving this year to Christmas. One of my local stations is playing nonstop Christmas music already, so I guess we’ve arrived.


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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Tracie says:

    When my cousin had four little ones, she found this great photographer who had a studio set up in her garage. The whole room had toys and other things that were fun, but also pretty for pictures (I think they were all antiquey looking? wooden toys instead of bright colored plastic ones)…and you would spend the entire afternoon or morning there (complete with snacks and outfit changes). The pictures she got were amazing!!! Mostly because the kids had space to play and lots of time to not be pressured.


  2. amy says:

    Good luck getting all 3 in a picture. I am still waiting after 8 years or so to get all 4 of mine into a picture.


    1. Momma Be Thy Name says:

      Ack! That must mean it’s not going to happen!


  3. and this is why card companies make cards with all those little boxes for them to be on their own … you are not alone! ;)


  4. I haven’t been brave enough to take my kids for studio photos, even now that they are 3 and 5 and can be (mostly) depended on to behave themselves. I like the idea of studio photos, but I hate the waiting part, the uncomfortable dressy clothes part, the performances my kids occasionally put on (wherein they indirectly underscore the profound necessity of birth control). Yeah. So, the day after the tree goes up, I put them in something clean – usually a red or white top with jeans – park them in front of the tree with a book or a toy, and shoot 30 or so shots with our point and shoot. Then I touch them up in iPhoto, upload them to the website maintained by the photo shop down the street, and my husband picks them up on the way home from work. That plus the Christmas cards the kids make at school is what our relatives get. Not as nice as studio shots, I know. But it does the job!


  5. Fadra says:

    You crazy, girl. I’d be scared to take those 3 kids out of the house at the same, let alone to be photographed! Confession: I’ve never done studio photos. I had a friend who does photography for a hobby do it once and now we do casual shots usually outside the mall by the CHristmas decorations!


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