I Entered a ‘Vote for Me’ Contest. Now You Must Pay!

I got a little confused last week.

I entered the Circle of Moms Top 25 Funniest Moms ‘Vote for Me’ contest.

At first, I didn’t realize it was a ‘Vote for Me’ contest. I thought the entries would be judged by an independent, or dependent, or codependent, entity. What can I say? I have a lot on my mind lately.

It was after the entry was already set up that I realized I would have to, ahem, solicit myself, for such an honor. So, I decided to back away, as it reminded me of middle school class elections, waiting, mortified, along the red line in the gym to be picked for, well, anything, and, to a degree, dating. I was also somewhat dismayed that the contest did not appear to be based on significant criteria.

I’ve never been one to sell myself, or anything for that matter, though I am oddly adept at convincing, cajoling, and coercing my family into ordering Chinese food people to do the ‘right thing’ (whatever that is) in real life. And, ironically, I wouldn’t normally count a subjective, difficult-to-verify, numbers-only-based clickathon as the right thing.

After my faux pas, a litany of others’ posts sailed through my line of vision, damning the contest and all others like it, and I sort of felt scolded, like a puppy who eviscerated his master’s slipper.

Of course, I scolded myself, too, because my level of deliberation generally prohibits me from leaping without looking. As a result, I made a conscious decision not to promote the contest or my entry.

Funny (and apropos) thing is, several brilliant, entertaining, and incredibly talented people have been entered, and since they’ve asked, and truly deserve the honor, I’ve voted for them.

That said, I will continue to vote for the people whom I believe deserve to be awarded, and I am leaving my entry active as 1) I am a mom, and 2) I (would like to think that I) am funny. Can you hear my skin chafing from rubbing against the grain?

So, I’m doing this once and once only, as groveling really doesn’t become me, but here’s the link to the contest:

If you see fit, cast a few votes for me, my colleagues, my competitors, and my compatriots, share with your friends, organize a little voting drive at work where you give away donuts, or, you know, whatever you need to do to make this happen.

Though I am often poised to take a stand, I recognize that my lesson here is that it’s okay to have a little fun sometimes. And that’s what I would like to do with this. Contest. This contest where you vote, frequently and enthusiastically, that I, Stephanie, at Momma Be Thy Name, am side-splittingly hilarious.

Because I made a mistake. And now I have to see it through. And because I believe things like this have a way of shaking out the way they’re supposed to.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer S says:

    I voted for you. I think you are funnier than all of the others. But then again I think you’re AWESOME! So, I might be a little biased….

    Have a great day Momma!


    1. Thank you! That’s so sweet of you!


  2. Voting now. Because you’re a momma. And you’re hilarious.

    So there.


  3. janelle says:

    Dude. I was just thinking about this same thing. I entered it then saw that you entered it too. I had never really thought about it as a bad thing. I mean it wouldn’t bother me at all if my blog got a little bigger and I was able to sell a little space on my blog at some point. Did people really give you crap for it? Crazy.

    Although, I have to say, I’m not going to do this again. I feel like I’m begging and groveling, and I feel like it’s a giant popularity contest. And I’ve never been one of “those kids,” if ya know what I mean. Anyway, what a timely post. I was driving home TODAY beating myself up..”You’re so LAME, Janelle.”

    But I embarrass myself on a regular basis. Why let it bother me now…?


    1. It’s a learning experience, and maybe some good things will come out of it! We shall see.


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