The Honest Company: An Honest-to-Goodness Review

I must admit, when I was approached by The Honest Company, co-founded by the lovely and talented Jessica Alba, of whom I’ve been a huge fan since the days of Angel, to try out a few products, I was tickled. Tickled. When they asked me which products I would like to try, I wasn’t shy. I wanted to try them all!

You’ve probably learned, by this point, of my concerns about food and personal care products, and my dismay about the journey further and further away from purity for the sake of profit, but there’s excellent news: As far as your home and family are concerned, The Honest Company has you completely covered.

When I received my package, I was not only impressed with the box itself, I was delighted by its contents, and was literally itching to find a way to immediately work the items into our routine.

We received several types of items, with which I’m eager to acquaint you, including diapers, wipes, lotions, soaps, and detergents, but I realize some may not meet your current needs. Therefore, feel free to poke around to learn more about the items of specific interest to you.

Diapers and Wipes

We received one pack of fashionable, gender-specifically designed diapers for each of our three children, in addition to one package of wipes. My husband and I, given the level of diaper action around here, decided to dive right in. I tried so very hard to capture all three of our cherubs wearing the biodegradable, comfortably-fitting, easily adjustable disposable diapers, but you know models. They can be so fickle. I did manage, however, to have my oldest son model his first Honest diaper for me.

I loved the skull and crossbones design. So much so that I even found a pair of matching shoes for him. (Too far?)

You’d like to know how they worked, right? The diapers worked excellently all the way around (literally and figuratively). No major leaks, no blowouts, and no accidental (or intentional) diaper removal, and they were so cute. I wish I’d been able to photograph all of the designs, but, as you can imagine, we go through diapers very quickly around here.

The designs, the lack of guilt in tossing them out, knowing they will not be sitting in a landfill for an indeterminate period of time, the contoured fit (my husband especially liked the elastic band along the back that ensures a snug, comfortable fit), and excellent overall performance, were definite pros with these diapers.

The cons? Personally, I’d like a gender-neutral option in the event that one has, say, a handful of children in diapers, and doesn’t want to commit any fashion faux-pas.

Having skin allergies has been a bit of a bane since I’ve had children, as it’s been trial and error whether or not I will break out in a rash using, well, any personal care product. We use unscented, natural wipes as a part of our normal routine, but I was thrilled to try Honest Wipes, made with botanicals such as pomegranate and grapeseed oil. The wipes are biodegradable, flushable, completely hypoallergenic, and chlorine-free. We used them both for diaper changes (worked perfectly), and crusty hands and faces (worked perfectly as well).

Our only criticism? We had a bit of trouble pulling the wipes from the packet, which is pretty standard for portable packs. Would it hinder our desire to use them again? Absolutely not.

Shampoo & Body Wash 

Honest Shampoo & Body Wash in Sweet Orange Vanilla was lovely, moisturizing, tear-free, and it smelled absolutely divine. I called the babies ‘my Creamsicles’, and had to hold myself back from ‘eating them up’ after they emerged from the tub the first time. And Mom and Dad loved it, too. A hair and body wash combination is both time-saving and cost-effective, plus this formula is safe for color-treated hair, which was a huge plus for me. Honest Shampoo & Body Wash is like a present a mom can give herself (and her family, of course).  I would unequivocally recommend this product for both its effectiveness and the amazingly delicious natural fragrance.

Face & Body Lotion

Honest Face & Body Lotion Beautifully textured, fragrance-free, and truly moisturizing, this lotion was a hit with both ourselves and the children. Great for everyday moisturizing and left our skin silky smooth. We loved it. All of us.

Hand Soap 

I have to admit, I’m not a fan of lemongrass. At all. Therefore, I was reluctant to try the Hand Soap, as it had an organic lemongrass scent. I dragged my feet, for a few days, because I was certain the lemongrass would turn me off.  My husband had already begun using it, and was encouraging me to join him, to no avail. It was not until I went out for groceries and errands a few days ago, and was grossed out by holding shopping carts and handling money, that I broke down and tried it. And, surprisingly, I was very pleased.  The scent was refreshing and the soap left my hands soft and smooth. I’ve been using it ever since. I am also now considering filling all of our home hand soap dispensers with it. So glad I gave it a chance!

Laundry Detergent

Last but certainly not least, we received a trial (one use) bottle of Honest Laundry Detergent to try. We currently use fragrance- and dye-free detergent, due to family-wide skin sensitivity, so rolling Honest into our repertoire seemed like the natural thing to do. It’s made for high-efficiency machines, it’s septic tank safe, and it really works. In a house like ours. Which says a lot. So pleased to give it a try, and, like the hand soap, I’m working on incorporating this product into our household as well.

So there you have it. A (very) busy and fastidious mom’s take on The Honest Company, and I haven’t even touched upon all the individual virtues of these products or how much I adore Honest’s mission and philosophy. I’ll leave that for you to discover. My bottom line? Overall, I love the products, I love the philosophy, and I love that so many conscientously-developed, family-centered products are conveniently available from one place.

Please, please do check out Honest if you’re interested in doing the best you can for both your family and the environment.  Feel free to contact me with any questions about the products reviewed at, or visit The Honest Company feedback page with any questions for them.

And, of course, a huge and hearty Thank You! to The Honest Company for providing me the opportunity to present these products to you. It was truly a pleasure becoming acquainted with (and falling for!) these products.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. My only reservation with these products would stem from pricing and ease of purchase. Are they expensive? Can they be bought in regular stores?

    We’re on a tight budget and I’m lazy (boo) so I shy away from products on the upper-end of pricing (even if they’re better for the environment – sorry!) and also products that can’t be found in the grocery store.

    I’m not likely to make an extra trip somewhere to a specialty store and I never order things for daily/household use online.

    LOVED this review though – and you definitely sold me on the appeal of these products. I especially want to try the shampoo/body wash.


    1. Totally hear you. It’s a subscription service, which I feel is great for some items, but not for others. It would be more convenient, for me as well, if available in stores.

      The body wash smells so good!


  2. I was just reading about these products in a magazine a few weeks ago and thought “What a great idea!” I’m in the market for diapers again (YAY) so I’ll check out the website. Great review!


  3. Mike is Happy says:

    Man, how come I don’t get people giving me free stuff over at my blog? I could exfoliate. Or whatevs.


    1. Ha! I’ll send you some face wash or something. It’d be worth reading the post about it.


  4. Kay says:

    Thanks for the review! I’ve been thinking about joining up with diaper delivery for my twins, but should I feel guilty about the carbon footprint? I live on the east coast, and I believe Honest is based in CA. That’s a long trip for diapers.


    1. Hmmm. That’s a better question for them. They might have a distribution center on this coast as well.


  5. Stephanie says:

    Do these diapers have a soft cover like other conventional disposables? From the pictures I have seen (yours included) it looks they are more plastic backed… kind of like how disposables were 15+ years ago. More of a crinkly plastic than cloth like.


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