Pack Your Bags! We’re Going to Greta’s!

I am so excited to be over at Greta’s place today, and even more excited to be part of her Great Expectations series. If you recall, Greta was among my beautiful and talented guest posters during Momma’s 12 Days of Christmas in December (which was a blast, by the way, and I can’t wait to do again). I counted myself lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her then, and doubly so to be able to do so again.

It didn’t take much deliberation on my part to settle on a topic for this series. My decision was simple. I’d talk about moving. Yes, moving. Not the pack-the-boxes-then-tape-the-boxes-then-move-the-boxes moving, but taking our family, putting down roots, and transforming our new house into a home. In my case, it took a bit of figuring out what was most important before I was able to make that leap.

And it seems to be working out okay. I think. The moving truck arrives bright and early tomorrow morning, so wish us luck that everything will be packed (we ran out of boxes last night), head on over to g*funk*ified, and show us both some love! Come on! I need it! We’re moving.

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  1. Heading over now – I love Greta and the series sounds…(I really want to say great, but…) FABULOUS.


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