Scary Easter!

I’m just dropping in to wish you marvelous spring holidays, fresh starts, new beginnings, and maybe a few bubbles!




Stop to smell the flowers…






…and never stop chasing your dreams!




Hope you find yourself blessed this Easter/Passover.


Feel free to stop by Scary Mommy’s place, where I’m extolling some of the (agonizing) virtues of marriage! And what better time than during a holiday weekend? Hope to see you there!

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  1. I have followed you forever and totally adore you. I would love it if you might be interested in submitting something for Off Duty Mom’s Mother’s Day series this year. We have a few submissions already, but your sense if humor would tie it together so nicely.

    The theme is “Embarrassing Stories I Hope My Mother Never Hears About Me.” Wanna join the fun?

    Let me know. I’d love to have your work on the blog!


  2. A really cute blog. Loved it :) Especially loved the kids’ pics :):)


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